Spec/Talent Recommendations for HFC

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Spec/Talent Recommendations for HFC

Post by Heimgang » April 22nd, 2016, 11:56 am

Below is a list of suggested talents and specs for HFC. You can always play what you know best, but some fights really need the suggestion.

- Go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Shadowburn a LOT
- use Dark Soul on vehicles
- Havoc should be applied to Felcasters or Hulking Terrors and then SB Engineers and Dragoons

- Go Affliction (GoSac + SB:H) or Destruction once Fragment of the Dark Star is acquired
- Spec into Harvest Life and glyph Drain Life. If you ever catch yourself low on HP during her AoE, use Drain Life. It's wicked OP at keeping you alive through sustained damage.
- Fill up on Soul Shards on bombs during air phase

- Go Destruction or Demonology (Cataclysm if your group sucks at AoE, CR/DB otherwise)
- if Destruction, Fire and Brimstone as hands are coming up, Conflag -> Chaos Bolt -> Incinerate and then start using Shadowburn prioritizing targets closer to the pool of death.
- if Demonology, Cataclysm or just use 3 charges of Chaos Wave with Immolation Aura and Felstorm
- Burning Rush is helpful for getting to Explosive Runes and dodging Fel Waves

- go Affliction (GoSupr with Imp + SB:H)
- prioritize Agony > UA > Corruption on all 3 targets; use Drain Soul sparingly
- save one charge of Dark Soul + Terrorguard for Dia Darkwhisper burn. As soon as she is the only target left around 60%, use your Terrorguard for full effect.
- use Teleport to get out quickly if you have Mark of the Necromancer as Reap is coming

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Havoc + Chaos Bolt every single Globule. Shadowburn to replenish on Embers.
- Shadowburn all the things. Focus on Bloodthirsters
- bank your Conflag charges for Death Throes so you can do damage while moving. KJC isn't a terrible option, but not necessary with proper planning
- if you go inside realm, get paired up with a heavy cleave class such as Frost DK or Arms Warrior and snipe SBs on everything they wittle down. Highest Chaos Bolt I've seen doing this is 850k. Someone will hit 1M soon.

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Havoc the *** out of adds and Shadowburn the *** out of them
- high focus on Essences (most deadly)
- glyphed Conflag is useful for snaring adds
- set Teleport to get out of group for Mark of Doom
- bank all Dark Soul charges outside of opening burst for Feast of Souls. Save Doomguard for 2nd/3rd Feast of Souls to benefit from 20% bonus

- any spec is fine
- Teleport set up for Fel Chakram/Winds
- do proper AoE with DPS focus on priority add during each phase (1 - Priest, 2 - Construct, 3 - Fel Raven)
- use Burning Rush to combat Winds debuff and to get out of group with Fel Chakram

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- standard single target rotation during Phase 1
- team up with an Elemental Shaman and nuke down the soul adds (10-20 players). May need a 3rd DPS (Warlock, Spriest, Ele, Hunter) if you raid with 21-30. Open up on adds with FnB Conflag (glyphed) to slow them. Continue AoE using Shadowfury if needed.
- set Soul of Socrethar as focus and use focus macro to apply Havoc to Soul every time souls get to 20%. Cleave 3 Shadowburns onto Socrethar every time UNLESS there is a dominator up.

- go Affliction (GoSac + SB:H)
- ST boss - go nasty
- use Teleport to escape with Seed of Corruption or to dodge shadow waves
- if your tanks die close to a kill, Soulshatter and keep those DoTs rolling

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Havoc one Imp, Chaos Bolt the other - EVERY TIME. Shadowfury if the imps are close to casting
- Shadowburn, Shadowburn, Shadowburn.
- save Doomguard for final phase burn

- any spec is fine
- perform two target rotation during phase 1 and phase 2 with an add up. Phase 3 necessitates full damage on add.
- use Teleport to move during P1 with minimal movement penalty

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Havoc + Shadowburn abuse. Imps will melt - put higher focus on Infernals
- someone mentioned Unbound Will might remove Gaze - need confirmation
- set Teleport in the center to return to position after his 3 series of knockbacks

- go Destruction (GoSac + CR)
- Havoc + CB Doomfire Spirits, Felhounds, and Infernals
- save Doomguard for final burn
- glyphed Conflag for Infernals and phase 3 creatures is good for snares - use Shadowfury, too
- don't bother with Teleport for knockup attack

*Direct copy from Icy Veins
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