Elemental Mythic Boss Guide 6.2 (Hellfire Citadel)

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Elemental Mythic Boss Guide 6.2 (Hellfire Citadel)

Post by Balto » March 8th, 2016, 6:34 am

This guide is focused around the Mythic version of the Hellfire encounters. A lot of what is listed though can be applied to lower difficulty levels, just without some of the complexity.

Hellfire Assault:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuE6zd - You can play around with Liquid Magma as well if you like. Unleashed Fury is useless, most of your time will be aoeing most likely, which it buffs nothing.


It depends on the side you are on. If you are on the RIGHT side (facing the area Iron Reaver spawns, away from the entrance portal) it is generally more AOE than single target. If this is the side you are on (normally should be) you can take Liquid Magma totem if you like as well. Most of the fight will just be AOEing while focusing down Berzerkers or Fel Casters if they are up. You can help your healers by dropping Grouding Totem and absorbing an entire cast of the shadow bolt volley from the fel casters. You can also stun the goblins repairing the vehicles.

If you are on the LEFT side you will be more controlled with your dps, and need to gauge the ability of your raid group if you can actually earth quake or not, due to there generally being 2 fel casters at any given time, you do not want to push both to transform at the same time unless you out gear the encounter.

Iron Reaver:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCZ_d - Generally you won't change from this build, save for maybe Primal Elementalist if the fight is fairly short, or maybe storm Elemental Totem. Generally tho, the build linked is best especially for progression.


You have good defensive cooldowns for the pounding phases, you can generally alternate between Shamanistic Rage and Astral Shift. Throw in Ancestral Guidance to help your healers out (they may actually have it assigned). You're not the strongest class for dealing with the bombs, but you can do it if your raid is slacking. Your main goal is just going to be doing as much damage as possible to the boss. Being a touch closer to the boss is generally good, for less movement during barrage aimed towards you, if your raid doesn't bait it to the side with healers.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuCZ8d - If your raid kills the hands nearly instantly (like most do) you can opt into the flame shock glyph instead of the chain lightning. The hands generally will not last long enough to make use of Echo Of Elements.


Again, you have good defensives to use for the fight and some minor bonus healing to contribute during high damage phases. Your aoe is not really that strong here, for most raid groups you're going to be more of a single target dps for this fight.

Hellfire Council:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCZ_d - There's generally no reason to change your talents on this boss, preference on Unleashed Fury/Primal Elementalist.


Keep Flameshock on all three bosses 100% of the time. (Finish your opener first on Bloodboil) Try to make sure your flame shocks are buffed with Unleash Flame when you apply them to each boss. You can chain lightning on Bloodboil/Jubeithos to gain extra lightning shield charges for fulmination when they are stacked.

Kilrogg Deadeye:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuCZ8d is generally what I would take but it can change depending on if you are going in visions group or not and if you are, who you are going with. Generally if you're going down, you're able to aoe fairly well and it is suggested to do so, but I've found one charge of earthquake is fairly stable and sufficient to quickly kill adds for the 20 stacks. You can change flame shock glyph for chain lightning glyph.


Again, the adds die fairly quickly (or should, if your raid is good) and you aren't going to want to waste a global generally with flame shock, lightning bolt + earthshock with high stacks is generally good. If you find the adds are dying slow though, go head and do your normal rotation on them, including flame shock and lavaburst. Nothing real special on this boss, just dps adds and boss.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCZ9d - Windwalk Totem + Call Of Elements is very, very beneficial here (explained below). Single Target build is definitely the way to go. I personally feel Primal Elementalist or Unleashed fury is preference, so your choice on that.


The reason you take Windwalk + Call Of Elements is windwalk will negate BOTH the damage and slow of the essences shadowbolt volley and you can use it twice with call of elements. Keep flameshock up on the tank add, do what ever you can to help with the adds on the fight, flame shock is generally a wasted global on the skeletons/essences unless they are exceptionally high (nearly full) health. Your CDs line up perfectly with ring and feasts, every time. Save fire ele for the heroism feast. You can use earthbind totem also to help with slowing adds if needed.

Shadow-Lord Iskar

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuC6wd

Tips/Tricks/Strat. This fight is great for our AOE. Nothing really out of the ordinary. If your group focuses the phantasmal thing-a-majig (the shadow iskar leaves) to burn without chains, put a flameshock on it, chain lightning, then EQ then chain lightning then EQ then start single target rotation but sub in chain lightning for lightning bolt to get multiple Earth Shocks off on it quickly.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCawd If you are on ghost duty however, change Elemental Mastery for Echo of Elements.

Tips/Tricks/Strat.If you're on ghosts, this fight is pretty much just aoe fest for you. If you're on socrethar, then it's just a fairly standard tank and spank fight with a target swap/add control + a small spread out mechanic with the gift. You can use grounding totem to stop dots from the caster adds.

Tyrant Velhari:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCawd

Tips/Tricks/Strat.This is essentially a 2 target cleave fight. Make sure to keep Flame shock on both targets (add + tyrant) at all times. It's generally a good idea to start the fight closer to her, so you have less travel time with Edict if you get it. Other than that, nothing really out of the ordinary here. Have purge/windsheer handy incase the add gets a heal off/you're on interrupts. Outside of that, nothing really special.

Fel Lord Zakuun:

Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8NiXCawd- You can take Unleashed Fury if you prefer, they are fairly equal. If you are soaking or get seeds though, UF will lose some of it's benefit.

Tips/Tricks/Strat.Pew Pew Pew. This is pretty straight forward tank and spank with exception of soaking and seeds. There's nothing really special or any real trick to any of it.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuC6wd - Totem tier, projection or call of elements can be beneficial in their own way. If you're on grounding duty for void surge, you can either throw it for your mages if they are baiting the chains, or use call of the elements to reset grounding to get an extra use later in the fight when it becomes more frequent.

Tips/Tricks/Strat.This is arguably, your strongest fight in here. You will generally have 3 targets or more always to deal with, or for the majority of the fight. You can stun imps with cap totem, aoe everything to death with CL+EQ and be super happy :D. Grounding totem can absorb all the void surges that would go out, preventing purple fire from being a thing your raid has to deal with. The 'issue' with it is if you have a bait group for chains, that they may sometimes out range your totem or you'll miss someone in melee throwing it out to the bait group.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuC6wdYou can go Elemental Mastery on this fight as well. It depends on your raid comp. If imps are dying generally too fast for double EQ charge to be worth anything, then opt for Elemental Mastery. If adds aren't dying quickly, or if you play with the infernal placements (grips/knockbacks) to stack them up, Echo is very valuable here then as well.

Tips/Tricks/Strat.This is probably our second strongest fight in Hellfire. Tons of AOE cleave opportunity. If you're soaking the fears, when infernals are landing, you can save your group extra damage by thunderstorming them away as they land, before they pulse any damage. Saving Unleash Elements for potential Shadowforce is a good a idea, ghost wolf generally is a good idea as well as you get out of range for casting with spiritwalker's grace.


Talents: http://www.wowdb.com/talent-calculator#bENYq8KIuC6wd - I have opted for Elemental Mastery multiple times as our group destroys dogs and we literally get one set of them. If this is the case for your group, then EM is probably stronger as your second EQ charge is wasted. However, having the double lava burst charge is helpful for dealing with infernals/stars in phase 3 also.

Tips/Tricks/Strat.Watch the fel-fiend for casts, they won't die while they are casting and a single cast can be fatal for your raid. You have great defensive CDs to handle shackles + wrought chaos if you get it. If your group gets multiple set of dogs and is generally close together/collapses when they are out, you will shine much better here, but it is not required to be valuable here. You can be quite strong on Infernals and deathcaller damage, which is highly important to killing Archimonde. Make sure to keep Flame shock on both Archimonde and high priority targets (IE the infernal you're focusing, Deathcaller, Source of Chaos).

If you don't get a lot of damage on dogs, you're probably not going to have as high of damage output and parse well, but, you can still be very effective.You have defensives as well for phase 3 to protect yourself every single infernal drop, you have ghost wolf + spirit walkers for dance phase, as well as unleash fury. Overall you're a solid class for the fight, but pending on your group comp and how fast dogs die, depends heavily on your overall damage done.

That concludes the Mythic Boss Guide for Elemental Shaman for 6.2!

Thoughts from other Eles in guild?
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Re: Elemental Mythic Boss Guide 6.2 (Hellfire Citadel)

Post by helious » July 27th, 2016, 12:19 am

Looks solid, are you doing an update for legion?? with the new pre-patch changes?? I'll be flexing from ele and enh on V team, so I'm always down for some stat crunching.
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