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Multiple MYTHIC Teams Application

1) Please provide the following:
a. Name of character: <Frostytipps>
b. Battletag: <>
c. Armory link: < ... ostytipps/>
d. Combat Logs: <>

2) Do you have any relevant (progression ready) alts you are willing to trial with if needed? If so please list and give armory link.
<Just my main if possible>

3) Have you read, and do you agree to abide by the guild’s code of conduct as stated here.

4) What teams in the guild are you interested in? Please list the teams you'd like to apply to in order of interest.
<Any mythic ready team would be nice.>

5) How did you learn about Eternal Kingdom?
<Saw someone advertising and looked into the guild and loved what i saw!>

6) Please list your raiding history/progression by tier, also note any leadership you held during that time.
< Would of had Mythic Gorefiend but switched with a DPS to test him out and decided that they were not what i wanted. I always look up fights prior and dedicate myself to doing my part in the guild. Diddnt get to see much of the mythic tier as i would of liked to, i am looking forward into getting back into it and moving on with you guys in Legion.

(N) (H) (M)
Hellfire Assault 19 5 8
Iron Reaver 19 5 8
Kormrok 21 5 6
Kilrogg Deadeye 11 5 7
Hellfire High Council 17 5 7
Gorefiend 10 9 0
Shadow-Lord Iskar 3 4 2
Socrethar the Eternal 6 4 3
Tyrant Velhari 2 4 0
Fel Lord Zakuun 11 6 0
Xhul'horac 8 6 0
Mannoroth 8 7 0
Archimonde 10 10 0>
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