Let's make a DK guide

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Let's make a DK guide

Post by Legion » May 13th, 2016, 2:25 pm

I've already spoken to a couple DKs in the guild about this and now that Beta is live we can start testing the different specs and start theory crafting. What I would like to see at first is to get as many DKs involved as we can so we can get plenty of data to make a very comprehensive guide.
This guide will include the following: A beginners guide to playing a DK. Which will include basic rotations gearing gems and enchants. The advanced guide will include more in-depth rotations, macros, BiS gearing theory crafting ect. Everyone who participates in the guild will be listed on the guide itself as well so there won't be one person taking credit for this guide, I want it to be a group effort, I think we definitely have all the people we need to make this a really all encompassing guide that the WoW community will want to use. Feel free to contact myself or Siin if you would like to help.
Thank you

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