Unholy DK 6.2 by Skullflower - Son of a Lich

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Unholy DK 6.2 by Skullflower - Son of a Lich

Post by Yanberry » April 11th, 2016, 11:13 pm

I feel like this is still the very best guide out there so I'm reposting it here. Pretty much an all in one guide from gear to optimizing specific boss fights in HFC. Seeing as there are no more patches for warlords in the foreseeable future, as the posts says I believe this guide will remain relevant until Legion.

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Re: Unholy DK 6.2 by Skullflower - Son of a Lich

Post by Quonoa » April 12th, 2016, 12:31 am

Really good guide, the only part that's off is the lack of info for trinkets. Also, Reaper's Harvest is listed for AoE in general, but it's not that great unless you're breaking souls on Gorefiend
I use UeH + DC for non-demons, UeH + Heirloom for Demons (gore, velhari, zakuun, manny, archy), and Heirloom + Harvest for Gorefiend on breaking duty
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Re: Unholy DK 6.2 by Skullflower - Son of a Lich

Post by Reitoshin » April 12th, 2016, 8:02 am

On the note of Reaper's Harvest one of the problems with it, is that most DK's to whom the guide is relevant are still progressing towards mythic archimonde. Even an upgraded heroic RH only offers a 36% proc chance of wandering plague as opposed to the 41.5% chance of an upgraded mythic trinket. This is roughly a 16% damage increase overall to the trinket, but by the time your guild has cleared mythic archi enough to give you a class trinket (we are pretty low in the priority for vanq) your raid is probably bursting so hard that AoE isn't really a thing except in some circumstances. However if you do have ample time to AoE, aka your raid team isn't 3 locks and 3 warriors, the sustained damage on this trinket is pretty good. I would say is is somewhat viable on Iskar, Xhul, and Assault if your team is letting the transports live.

As much as it isn't a per say "great" trinket, it is not a bad one, and I would say is somewhat viable. If your raid however has a lot of burst AoE and imps/illusionary outcasts insta die, DC/UH all the way, which was already said.
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Re: Unholy DK 6.2 by Skullflower - Son of a Lich

Post by Sin » April 12th, 2016, 8:09 am

If any of you are still going to be playing DK next xpac keep up to date on the changes and start thinking about a build/rotation/changes. We are going to be putting a new guide together for Legion DKs so if you want a part of let let me know.
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