Moonkin trinkets

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Moonkin trinkets

Post by Tarm » September 21st, 2016, 11:48 pm

To compare the available trinkets I ran some sims with all of the pre-raid trinkets normalized to 850 here. Immaqtpie was asking about Emerald Nightmare trinkets, so here's an updated list that includes those, again normalized to 850:
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Here's a quick and dirty single target Patchwerk sim of my current character with each 850 trinket alone:
(The character has 19350 int, 5192 crit, 8244 haste, 721 vers, and 2536 mastery without any trinkets on. The super low versatility explains why the versatility stat stick and root do so well.)

Twisting Wind and Swarming Plaguehive both sim pretty strong. I think Twisting Wind is not nearly as strong as the sim suggests though. It summons a fairly small tornado that moves in a big circle. A single target standing still will definitely not get hit every second for 10 seconds like it does in the sim.

Plaguehive is looking like the best single target option from Emerald Nightmare to me. At equal 850 ilvl it is still not as good as tongue or baton, but we're likely to get plaguehive at a higher ilvl than baton. Mythic titanforged tongue is definitely still the best overall single target option though.
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Re: Moonkin trinkets

Post by Immaqtpie » September 24th, 2016, 10:15 pm

I did some sims on my toon, seems like single target Sinew and spiked tongue are best, better than 835 shock baton, 850 moonlit, and 840 horn
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