SimC Runs and analysis

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SimC Runs and analysis

Post by Jozoken » March 14th, 2016, 9:10 am

So I main BrM and OS as WW (Don't know anything about any healing class, honestly. Not even MW) and I run Simulation Craft for analysis on my gear/stat benefits on an almost daily basis. I just wanted to mention if anyone wants/needs sims or is interested in learning how to run/analyze them I would be happy to help. I can of course do this for any class, not just Monk, but when it comes to analyzing them with/for you I can only offer expertise as much as I know your class. If you're interested just send me a PM, text message, or in game mail, or just leave a response on this thread with what you're looking for, and see if we can find a time to discuss the results when I get the chance to run them.

If you want to "text your order in" you can reach me at 573-818-4483. If I'm not online I'm probably at work so I may not respond immediately, but I'll run the sims when I can and send you the results.

Specifically I'll need: You're toon name, your top 3 secondary stats/stat priority, and if you want to compare different pieces/gear sets that you already have I'll need you to reach me while we're both online because you will have to swap pieces around and log in/out to update the armory. If you want me to run sims while you aren't online, be sure to log out while wearing the gear you want analyzed as Simulation Craft pulls from WoW Armory.
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