Weak aura request.

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Weak aura request.

Post by Kikwar » September 27th, 2016, 8:26 am

Hey guys, I currently have a WA that shows the IP icon and two numbers under it. One shows the current IP value after 10% reduction, the other shows the value of IP if cast now. The second value there is white if I am increasing the shield size by casting IP. It is yellow and shows how much IP I will be wasting by going over the IP cap if I cast it now and it is red and shows how much my IP will be weakened by if my current IP is over my cap due to temp buffs.

I'd like to have this information graphically. Let's say a circle starting at 12. It is empty/translucent when there is no IP up. Part of the circle shaded white showing current IP %. Part of the circle shaded green showing what my IP % would be if cast now. Some shaded yellow showing how much will be wasted if the green part goes past 12 again. Then a red part if my current IP is above my current cap showing how much is be losing if I cast IP.

Finally a numeric number under the image showing my current IP value.

Anyone have or able to make a wa doing this?
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