Random warrior ideas will update with my thawts time to time

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Random warrior ideas will update with my thawts time to time

Post by Bulsa » July 1st, 2016, 4:20 am

will update from time to time with my random ideas feel free to comment
- Bulwarks Warrior -
(dual-wield shield warrior)
A warrior so dedicated to defending that he forsakes his weapon for another shield.

- Aggro -
To gain addition aggro warrior needs to stand between mob and top threat target (excluding warrior) aggro of warrior will be at minimum equal to next highest threat, recommend this as a passive and not main source of agro (more for high end play)

- Shield Throw -
Throw 1 of your shields to a selected location, allies in the area take less damage, warrior takes extra damage while shield is on the ground and the shield breaks after a set amount of damage absorbed. After the shield breaks or a set amount of time the warrior has to retrieve the shield, recommended long cooldown

- Hunker down -
Warrior reduces movement speed, taking a crouching position behind shields reduces damage by %, % damage taken reduces over time. Example ability lasts 10 seconds for the first 2 seconds it reduces damage by 50% after 2 more seconds reduces damage by 40% and so on, ability can be broken by taking set amount of damage, if broken early you take extra damage equal to half of what was left for twice the time, example if there were 4 seconds left you will take 10% extra damage for 4 seconds and then 5% extra damage for 4 seconds

- Shield Slam -
Same as current shield slam just with 2 shields, and increased damage

- Leap -
(cast) Warrior throws shields to a target location then leaps after them, each shield and the warrior do a small amount of damage when they land

- Shockwave -
Warrior slams shield on ground causing aoe stun
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