[E] Eternity

Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Goal: Mythic Progression
  • Fri/Sat 10pm – 1am PST
  • Attendance: 90%
  • Loot: Council
  • Contact: Cjm (Exx#1781)

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • RC Loot Council
  • Weak Auras
  • Greenwall

Expectations: To be a part of Eternity you must show the qualities that time diminishes and prove not only to others but to yourself that you can and will not only succeed in what you do but also help the team as a whole succeed. To this end attendance is expected to be at or above 95% or higher we cannot succeed at our goals if people do not attend or participate. Players will be held to ensure they are at the highest level they can hold themselves to outside of raid such as full enchants, full gems, knowledge of mechanics and current tier, class knowledge and performance, and finally the ability to adapt to information in a professional and constructive manner in order to succeed.

Eternity will hold those that can show the above qualities along with a drive to progress within current Mythic content at the highest level.

Loot will be handled via a transparent loot council that consists of our loot officer and two other raiders and will be earned based on the needs of Eternity to allow us to further progress and achieve our goals. The mindset all Eternity raiders must have is gear is a byproduct of accomplishing our goal and in the end as long as we are progressing everyone will receive loot.

By providing a home for raiders that prefer a more professional and advanced atmosphere Eternity seeks to succeed in anything we set out to do and allow a place that we may live forever.