Eternal Kingdom Raises Over $3,000 for Victims of Hurricane Harvey+Other Storms, Runs 250+ Keys

Hi Eternal Kingdom! I sent out a brief msg yesterday at the conclusion of our event, but now that I’ve slept I have a bit more to say. 😛 A lot of this is sap because I’m so incredibly grateful, a bit of this is the prizes for carriers, but my favorite part of this is looking forward toward to the next fundraiser and how you can get involved organizing/carrying. Please stay for the ride!


First of all, great job everyone. Seriously, pat yourself on the back, call your grandma and tell her, treat yo self, whatever it is you do for yourself when you’ve done a great thing. Nothing on this planet forces us to do nice things for each other, so when we can band together and help rather than hurt, I think we’re succeeding as a species, as a planet, for sure. So good job. This is something to really be proud of, doing good for no reason.


Last year when I was a trial in EK I was asked late during the 24 hr Toys for Tots fundraiser if I could come in and heal some carries. I did. It gave me a sense of pride and humility that I’d never experienced before. For folks who carried yesterday for the first time, I hope you felt that too. It really does feel good to do nice things for people, and best of all, you’re helping people! Nothing beats that.


The fundraiser last year got me thinking about how I could become more involved, so a few months later after Siin stepped down and some leadership broke away I asked for the opportunity to prove myself and not be a Director of Guild Events per se, but a Community Coordinator (now the Director of Community Coordination because I have such a fantastic team!), to see how effectively I could get this community to work together for a greater good. Zate and Bel warned me then that I would have to be willing to tackle fundraising, and honestly I was terrified. I had no idea where to begin, I’d only done things like this in the “real world,” but in my proposal to them I promised I’d do my best and whatever it took to pull it off. I’m grateful they gave me the chance, but I knew then that it wouldn’t be just me responsible for orchestrating something like this. I couldn’t do it alone, and I haven’t been alone, not for a single step. So I want to thank several people.


Asacrusader for pushing us to get this off the ground and his fantastic work covering this event on Twitter.

Zeboot for all his hard work on the bot, the Discord, our website, the keys form, the keys sheet, the graphs… I could go on, but everything was so professional and impressive.

Leayha, my right hand woman, always. Xanari. Both of them did such a great job keeping the key sheets up to date and ensuring carries were running smoothly for the full 12 hours.

Hantevirus for her guidance regarding everything, as well as her advice/constructive criticism about the graphic design/advertisement for the flyer.

Taroboba for his community outreach and also for his advice/constructive criticism about the graphic design/advertisement for the flyer.

Feyranna and Majestas for their community outreach and networking.

Seryniti and Daraya for their Twitch moderation during the event.

Belisyma for her support, advertisement, guidance, and encouragement.

& Zate for asking me several late nights, “is there anything more you need from me? Anything I can do to help?”


Last, but definitely not least, a huge shout out and thank you to all of our carriers! This would not have been possible without all of you working so hard to ensure our carries had a fantastic time and got their keys completed for the week. This brings us to prizes. On 9/24 I will hold the raffles for the DX Racer chair (donated by Bonino) and the two 90 days of free game time (donated by Kynderia and Mingz). This raffle will be conducted according to who is tagged as a carrier in the EK Discord. If you are not currently tagged as a carrier and you carried keys for the fundraiser, send me a DM letting me know which team you ran with/what times and I will get you tagged as a carrier. If you would like to opt out of eligibility for these prizes, let me know that in a DM as well.


Like last year, we will be doing another Toys for Tots fundraiser this winter. I’m predicting November/December. I would like to invite everyone in the Eternal Kingdom community to get involved. We have so much talent here, the possibilities are truly endless. If you’d like to get involved beyond being a carrier and want to work on the organizational side of things, send me a DM in Discord and I’ll get you set up with the link to our fundraising Discord server.


Like I said, I couldn’t do this alone, and I didn’t. We did this, all of us, Eternal Kingdom.


Now… let’s get started. 


Inri the Druid

Director of Community Coordination

<Eternal Kingdom> US-Proudmoore

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  1. Yay, everyone! So much hard work was put in for this event, and LOOK HOW MUCH WE RAISED!

    It was, as Inri said, not just the carriers, but especially those behind the scenes, in leadership, those who did technical work, those who gave input, and everyone who spent time working to make this event go smoothly. People put in a ton of hours, and I’m so impressed!

    This was a really fun event for me personally, just in terms of running keys as a carrier and getting to play with friends and help people get their keys done.

    Even my Dad, who says “you gotta stop playing that stupid video game” (lol) donated some money to me and I passed it along in my donation to Direct Relief. We can change minds people! Even grumpy, but loving, old men. 🙂

  2. It was a pleasure to bring my little grain of salt into this. It was an exciting and a wonderful thing to be part of, I am super happy to be part of this community that supports the “human side” of gaming. Can’t wait for the next one to start. Gaming of a cause! <3

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