Emerald Dream

[ED] Emerald Dream

Team Lead – Inri the Druid

Quick Information

  • All druid team
  • Once a tier or more, scheduled dates but not a schedule
  • Goal: All druid heroic clear, World first all druid clear in BfA
  • Loot: Personal

Required Addons:

  • BigWigs/DBM
  • Weak Auras
  • Greenwall

Expectations: Be a druid, love being a druid, slay bosses as a druid.
You will be expected to gear yourself outside of raid hours. Due to the nature of the team, this is a clearing team and not a gearing team.

A word from leadership: Hi, my name’s Inri! I’ve been playing a druid since 2008 since I mained a fury druid in Everquest 2. When I made the swap over to WoW it was like falling in love all over again. I main spec restoration but I have a massive love and adoration for anything and everything related to druids. I enjoy druids so much that I have 5+ that I actively play, two of those being raid-ready! Will you join me on the Emerald Dream Team as we crush our enemies as the greatest class of all time? We’ve been clearing content since Nighthold, have a look!


   Kill Shots from Previous Tiers