Congratulations on Your Retirement Hantevirus!

Hantevirus Profile

From Snowmantle:

When I came to the guild, during Legion at the release of Antorus, Hante seemed like a mythical figure as the team lead of one of Eternal Kingdom’s top teams. Although I saw her often in event runs, I rarely interacted directly with her until I found myself in the position of GM at the start of BFA. She and I didn’t always see eye to eye and she was never shy about letting me know when she thought I was making a mistake, but her advice was always thoughtful and she brought years of experience to every problem.

When I joined her team during Castle Nathria, our relationship really changed and I was so glad to get the opportunity to get to know her better.  Seeing her in that light made me realize how much knowledge and experience she brought to the table and my respect for her increased anew.  She will be missed but I am glad she is taking the time to slow down and enjoy the world away from the game!

From Belisyma:

Hante has always contributed to the guild, not only by leading a stable raid team for 14 tiers (Cutting Edge for 12 tiers), but she has guided the community as a whole, leading by example, participating in community events, providing advice and mentorship to guild members and leaders alike, and generally being the sort of person I aspire to be like. She is certain of her beliefs, assertive and kind, generous with her knowledge and enjoyable to collaborate with.

Hantevirus and Sellswords are synonymous, and I’ve always taken great pride in being in the same guild as her and her team. To foster the sort of environment that allows people to both excel at and enjoy the game is a legendary achievement. Eternal Kingdom is indebted to Hante for helping create the great culture that we all enjoy. Now it is her turn to step back and enjoy the next stage in her life. She will always have a home in the community she helped build.

From all of us:

On behalf of a grateful guild, thank you Hantevirus for all you’ve done and congratulations on your retirement!


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