[C] Centurion

Team Lead
– Treejuvenate

Quick Information

  • 10.5 hours/week
  • Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-9 PST [8:30-12 EST]
  • Goal: Mythic Clear
  • Loot: Council

Required Addons:

  • DBM/BigWigs
  • RC Loot Council
  • Exorsus Raid tools
  • Greenwall
  • WeakAuras

What You Can Expect From Us:

Centurion is one of Eternal Kingdom’s newer teams, formed in late March of 2018, composed primarily of people with high end Mythic raiding experience. As a team, we began Mythic raiding on the first week of May 2018, clearing the first 10 Mythic bosses in 10 raid nights and finishing Mythic Argus less than 4 weeks later. Going into BfA, we intend to bring this level of play to a fresh tier, aiming for US 200-250 or even better.

We bring a roster of people with extensive raid experience focused on building a meritocracy where everyone helps others to improve and play their best. Constructive, calm criticism is the modus operandi to help everyone to be their best. Each archetype lead (melee, ranged, healer) will provide instructions to their specific roles alongside the raid lead to ensure everyone is on the same page. We will focus on having a team that kills bosses alongside healthy dose of fun and comedy while also realizing that real life happens and we will never ask you to sacrifice real life priorities for the team.

A Word from Treejuvenate:

Hello! I’m Tree, the team lead of Centurion. I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla, having come over from EverQuest, and have raided consistently since early Molten Core. I’ve raided at a high level in every tier extensively with the exception of Firelands and Dragon Soul during Cataclysm.

I very much consider myself and try to be someone that is not difficult to approach and I hold myself to the same standards that I would hold anyone else to in terms of personality, conduct, and playstyle.