In the face of Death...
Tsunami Shadowlands Tier 2 AoTC
After a long and arduous journey together, team Tsunami proves itself to be a proper mythic raiding team accomplishing it’s second AoTC. Having already achieved 3/10M progression, the time felt right to return and complete Heroic difficulty. Only two nights of attempts saw the Banshee Queen dethroned. Teldrassil has been avenged!
End Of A Tier, Means Big Things To Come

C-Team made it through its first full tier as a raid team with the close of Castle Nathria. Leadership changes, roster bosses, and content drought are just some of the things that plagued the team. However, despite it all, we have accomplished what we set out to do and are moving forward to 9.1 and Sanctum of Domination.

I would like to take a second to unveil our new team logo. Even though I told the team to keep the logo unrelated to me, we had a vote. A change from our old logo which was modeled after my Demon Hunter, to this logo, which as you can tell…