Eternal Kingdom Raises Over $2,000 for Toys for Tots in 2nd Annual 24 Hour Stream-a-Thon Fundraiser

What an incredible year it’s been for Eternal Kingdom!


We finished off the year with our 2nd annual 24 hour stream-a-thon fundraiser for Toys for Tots in the only way we know how: as a community. Over a 24 hour timespan, 19 teams completed 371 free Mythic+ Keystone carries for players from numerous realms and from around the globe. We made new friends and laughed with old ones. We fell asleep, sometimes we got angry, but mostly we laughed and spread holiday cheer and goodwill. Due to the generosity of our Twitch viewers/donors, we raised over $2,000 this year for Toys for Tots!


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Eternal Kingdom’s 2nd Annual Toys for Tots 24 Hour Stream-a-Thon Fundraiser!

LIVE NOW!!! Toys for Tots 24 Hour Stream-A-Thon on December 9-10.  All proceeds go directly to Toys for Tots.

Help us shatter our record of $5,000 last year!

Sign up for your FREE key carry here.

To donate, visit the Toys for Tots donation page.

To check out our teams and streams, click here!

Zate: All I want for Christmas is a Karaoke-off. Placing bets on Vondo!

Inri’s Emerald Dream Team Clears Tomb of Sargeras!

“We’re all legendary here, we’re druids!” – Roodon

Another tier, another clear!

Thank you Eternal Kingdom and all of its druids who help me make this dream a reality. I am forever grateful for this community and all the fun and amazing things we are able to do here. See you in Antorus!

– Inri, Director of Community Coordination

Zate: This makes me want to level my druid! Awesome screen shots well done all!

Roodon: This was a ton of fun. We gotta keep this going as our send off to each tier! Thanks all you Legendary druids for the run!

Eternal Kingdom Shirts on Sale NOW!

Click here to purchase your official 2017 Eternal Kingdom t-shirt!

All proceeds Eternal Kingdom collects go directly to our 2nd annual Toys for Tots 24hr key carry stream fundraiser, this year taking place December 9th-10th, 12pm-12pm PST.

With your purchase you are directly helping children and families in need have a happy holiday season. Together we can make the world a better place.

Zate: Tshirt Hype! T4T Hype!

Khaeli: This design looks amazing!! I love it!

AotC Mondays with Onslaught

Still missing your Tomb of Sargeras AotC? Let Onslaught help you! Every Monday around 6pm PST (server) Onslaught will be carrying 1-4 EKers through a Kil’jaeden kill to help get folks their AotCs! This is not a gear run, solely a Kil’jaeden kill. If you’re missing AotC and would like to come, sign up at:

We will be contacting a few people each Monday who have signed up. Please be patient and wait for us to contact you about a carry. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nyésia or Inri.