Keeping the Guild a Safe Place to Play

This guild is committed to being a welcoming and supportive place for our players. We provide an inclusive and non-toxic community for people. For that reason, we ask each person to commit to our core values of Professionalism, Collaboration and Progression when they join the guild.

By joining this guild, you agreed to support those values, which means that you committed to not using exclusionary or toxic language. I’ve noticed that some of you are using terms that are exactly that, and I’m asking you to stop. This is not about being PG or PG-13–this is about the ability of our members to spend their game time in a place that feels welcoming, safe, and comfortable. (more…)

T'was the Night Before Expac...

About the Author:
Hantevirus has been team lead of Sellswords since Black Rock Foundry days. This is what she does when she’s procrastinating.

‘Twas the night before Expac and all through the guild
The raiders were studying their covenants and builds
Alts had been planned with forethought and care
To prepare for nerfs that might come to bear

Guidewriters writing revisions as they came
So swift and so frequent, in beta is the game?
They updated Wowhead and the Veins of Ice
“Yo Blizzard these changes they really aren’t nice”

And I at my desktop, with cats perched nearby
“Venthyr or Necro?” I mused with a sigh
Bags had been emptied, food had been stocked
All for the push to get Torghast unlocked

When what to my horror filled eyes did appear
Another covenant nerf! Ack! My plan for the tier!
But all will soon settle
Til then we will cope
Castle Nathria awaits,
It’s gonna be dope!

The things I never knew

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we have an anonymous post.

When I started playing MMO’s in my 20’s, little did I know that over two decades later I would still be finding joy, community and friendship in it.  There are simply things I never knew would happen in my life and could never fathom them.  I grew as the gaming community too grew. But while we both grew I also went through everything from being told gaming was a horrible addiction that would ruin my life, to hiding it from my friends who thought it was “weird,” to pretending NOT be a chick to keep creepers away.   (more…)

Learning a New Raid

About the author: Jazzy plays a monk on Immortal as one of their Main Tanks.  He has been playing WoW since vanilla, but started raiding during Dragon Soul in the Cataclysm expansion as a mage.  Outside of raiding, Jazzy enjoys questing, alts, and professions. Outside of the game, Jazzy can usually be found playing D&D or making awesome spreadsheets.

With Eternal Palace just over the horizon, raid teams are finalizing their plans on exactly how to tackle this new content.  Here are a few pointers for raiders who are going into this raid and want to get through it as soon as possible. (more…)

A Beginner’s Guide to Raid Etiquette

About the author: Erynnchan plays a mage on Immortal. She has been playing WoW since 2010 and raiding since Firelands. Outside of raids she enjoys exploring all the nooks and crannies of Azeroth and collecting mounts, toys and pets. IRL Erynnchan enjoys science and fibrecrafts.

Whether you’re new to raiding or a seasoned veteran, basic raid etiquette is the same at all levels of progression. For newcomers especially, these unwritten rules of raiding can be a bit intimidating! Here are some quick tips for raiders to help you get the most out of your raid experience. (more…)

Control Your Game, Don't Let It Control You

About the Author:

Kynderia is a former Team Lead and Guild Officer. He has been on several current raiding teams and now plays on Horde side.

14 years. That’s almost half of my life. That’s how long I have been playing this game. I have met countless people, killed countless bosses, and done some amazing things I could never dream of. I built a history for myself that was mine to control, and I wrote my own destiny. There was also a dark side to these accomplishments, and that was letting this game control my life outside of my computer.


Why Vanilla Players Seem to Romanticize the “Good Ole’ Days”

About the Author:

Leayha has been playing WoW since 2006. She joined Eternal Kingdom in 2016 and is our Social Media Director and Director of Community Coordination (guild events and contests). Leayha mains a Resto Druid and, along with being their recruitment officer, raids with Immortal, a mythic raiding team.

I began playing World of Warcraft about three quarters of the way through Vanilla. It was my first foray into an MMORPG and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Other than a two year break between the end of Lich King and end of Cata, I have been around since the dark days. The days before flight. The days when 100g was a lot and took time to farm.

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