Disarmed and Distinguished

Chivalry’s  very own Tracers(Prot Pally Tank) achieved something not many in the WoW Community can say. He soloed a Mythic De Other Side with no weapon. He joins the ranks of Rextoy, Leontii, and Chitor. That makes 4 of the 8 dungeons of the expansion to be soloed in the first three weeks. Check the link below for the WowHead Article.

In Tracer’s own words, “This is definitely the hardest thing I’ve done in WoW so far, and despite the hours of frustration I am quite proud of the accomplishment!”



Welcome, Team Pineapple Pizza!

Greetings EK!  I, Sharky (formerly known as Siin), am happy to announce our newest team!  Welcome Team Pineapple Pizza!

We will be running Tuesday every week from 3PM to 12AM server, and hope to get Cutting Edge by the end of April.  If you are interested in this run, please sign up!

I am also happy to announce that Zate will be raid leading and main tanking this run.  Congrats, Zate!