[B] Benediction

Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Wednesday/Thursday 6-9pm PST (6 hours/week)
  • Goal: AoTC each tier with Mythic progression to follow
  • Loot: Personal

Required Addons:

  • DBM/Big Wigs
  • Greenwall
  • Angry Assignments
  • Weak Auras


We expect our raiders to have a firm knowledge of each boss fight and the mechanics that come with it.

We understand that real life happens, we do expect 75% raid attendance as adequate notice should a raider not be able to make a scheduled raid time so that the leads can make arrangements to fill that void. Any raider that is unable to attend a scheduled raid will be required to post a note about their absence in the guild attendance discord or message a team leader in discord.

Our raiders should always come prepared; food, flasks, pots, potions, runes and all the other wizardries needed for success. We expect proper gems and enchantments to be in place on all raider gear as well as the appropriate item level for each raid tier.
While we wish to promote and fun raiding environment, we strive to progress in the content as quickly as we are able to.

A quick note from Lumînarîa and Andromeda.

The leadership team for Benediction has many combined years of raid and leading experience; from the OG Ragnaros, to the icy walls of Icecrown Citadel to Argus, the Unmaker and now through the perilous Battle for Azeroth, we emerge victorious to face the throes of Shadowlands!

We want to ensure that our raiders are all in a comfortable, progressive raiding environment free of negativity.

As a team, we expect everyone, including leadership to continue personal and team growth with our classes, specs and raid awareness. Your leadership team is here to assist you.