Steam-a-thon for Gamers Outreach


Donation and key sign-ups are now live. 


To make a donation to Gamers Outreach, please click here:   Donation Link

To sign up a key to be run by an Eternal Kingdom Stream-a-Thon Key Team, please use this link:  Key Sign Up.

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Thank you to all of our participants, donors, and organizers for making this such a fun and successful event!!


Titan clears Heroic Antorus

It’s been a great tier and amazing expansion for Titan. Since launch almost 100 (96 at last count) toons have joined us to discover just what this raid thing is all about. Through the hard work and dedication of our players we’ve cleared each tier with AoTC. Titan is proof that raiding is accessible and available. Many of our team started off never having raided anything other than LFR.

I wish thank everyone in the EK community and beyond who have stepped in to help us teach, guide, train, share, and console the members of the team as fought our way to the very doorstep of the Legion. We’ve covered a lot this expansion. Our teammates have learned to tank, heal, and dps with some pushing themselves to learn multiple roles! Several have gone on to mythic progression and even have their own teams now. Please join me in looking back at our march through Antorus as we celebrate all that is Titan!

–  Zos, Nover, and the entire Titan team


[T]itan begins Tomb

Titan, Eternal Kingdom’s training and development team, has begun it’s work on Tomb of Sargeras! If you’ve ever wanted to Raid but were afraid to step in, this is your time. Even when we aren’t recruiting, Titan is always willing to talk with folks and see if we can make room and help open up the best parts of the game!