Tichondrius Festered and Died Thanks to Imperium!

For this kill we have to thank Nover for his help for this kill.  A shout out goes to Gltch and Allaloni who put in a lot of the work and didn’t get to be part of the kill shot.  We met our goal for this instance and we hope to clear Mythic in full during Tomb of Sargeras!  Imperium has only begun!


Nover: Kill Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sEF9Yv7q6Y&

Leayha: Wohooooooooooooo

“She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Fountain When She Comes” – Imperium Downs Spellblade Aluriel!

This kill was full of laughs from start to finish.  Tonya Harding kept spinning through melee, punting people through walls, pulling trash a mile away.  We had chats about purple pillows found in unmentionables and a Myst who is now Exalted with <The Floor>.

Zate: Sounds like you are having more than a reasonable amount of fun!

Leayha: LoL, Glitch, your big DH body is hiding me!!

hantevirus: wow congratulations Imperium!!! Tonya Harding -- the bane of melee!

Imperium Burned Krosus’ World!

We won by mere seconds but whether by an second or a minute… a kill is a kill and he is DEAD!  Excellent work by everyone involved (including Nover)!!

Zen: Next up Spellblade Aluriel then hoping to end Nighthold (for now) with Tichondrius.

Nover: Because I have nothing better to do sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXCoy12E4aQ&t

Zate: Grats on the kill! Good luck on... err.. umm which boss you doing next?!? Guess I will find out tonight :)

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The Cake Was A Lie! – Imperium Downs Trilliax!

We “booped him on the snoots” – Raethar

Zen: The original idea was goldfish but we couldn't see anyone. So to save time, dropping the Christmas box was the fastest thing we could do that kept a theme.

Zate: Grats on the kill but Christmas in April? Whats with the winter apparel and the over sized gnome?! I feel like there is a joke I am missing.

Leayha: Hahaha, we did boop his snoot!