Zealot Mythic Gul’dan Kill Video

Today, we are proud to share with you Zealot’s Mythic Gul’dan kill video. We also have a version of the kill on Vimeo that is the Official Cut that is what was intended before youtube censoring (Zealot Official Mythic Gul’dan Kill). I want to thank every single person on my team for the dedication and support they’ve put into this tier and expansion. I am beyond proud of our crew and the things we’ve done together. Hopefully this video captures even a taste of the fun I’ve had – hype as all hell.


Inri: Such a nice video! My fav part was seeing all the players at the end. Wouldn't expect anything less than greatness from Z team :D

Zen: I will say I love the artistry that goes into your videos. This one was exceptionally awesome! I love the end credits!

Zate: This is what awesome looks like =D Great job on the video, grats to the entire team on the kill. You really created something special!

Zealot Downs Mythic Gul’dan – 10/10M

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for playing with fire and making this experience hype.
Z Team Forever

– Mal & Sky

Vondo: Grats Z! you guys rocked it this tier!! :D

hantevirus: really beautiful shot! Congrats to Malvision and all of Team Zealot!

Zate: Great kill loved watching the stream last night good job all!

Zealot Downs Mythic Krosus

Long time no see! We finally broke through the first wall of Nighthold. Despite being such a mechanically simple fight it was surprisingly hard to execute flawlessly until the very end. We are loving the instance so far and really looking forward to wiping on something else for a change! This one’s for Tirion.


Inri: Great job, love the video and the Z team intro (reminds me of Sonic Adventure). Tbh I went and watched almost every Z video after this, haha. Anyway, it was cool seeing a tank POV and the soaky fists mechanic. :)

hantevirus: Grats, Z team! Love the video!

Zate: RIP Tirion I tried to res him but it didn't work (DK joke don't worry)! Also idea for the future a kill shot like this you can only talk in Nerglish. Aaaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

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