EK Raises $3,145 for Ronald McDonald Camp Good Times in 12 Hours!

Wow, what a fantastic day yesterday was. Thank you to everyone who spent their day helping to raise money for such an amazing charity.  Camp Good Times helps try and give kids back some of the childhood they lost spent in hospitals and even during these crazy times, they are working to accomplish this.

Whether you ran keys, advertised, donated or had your key run, you made a big difference in a child’s life by helping us surpass not only our initial goal, but our second goal as well raising a total of $3,145 in 12 hours!  This is a record total for an event held exclusively by Eternal Kingdom.

One of the greatest things I heard yesterday was how events like these directly or indirectly lead people to join our community. Our atmosphere and the kindness and generosity of the members of our community are what sets us apart from other guilds.

Congratulations to Bee Bee Q Tendies from Benediction on running the most keys with a total of 25 keys!  Wow!!!

Huge shout out to all the key team. Y’all rocked it!  Some helped people push keys in a difficult week, others swapped around alts to give people the best shot at gear. That’s going above and beyond and what we are all about. In total, you ran 125 keys in 12 hours!

Special shout outs to the following people:

Sery for building our bot and answering my last minute “this isn’t working” text messages.

Shaylei and her squad of advertisers for getting people from other servers to not only have their keys run but to donate as well.

Lillii and Delottie for helping me figure out what stream was live when so I could rotate our featured streamer around

Jazzy for fixing a spreadsheet issue.

Werio for making our amazing flyer, being a cheerleader and donating our grand prize.

Xindhi for donating your adorable shark

Nai and Iron for pushing our key teams like never before with your awesome shirts prize!

Anyone who I forgot, I’m sorry but I am thankful for you for making this all possible.