T'was the Night Before Expac...

About the Author:
Hantevirus has been team lead of Sellswords since Black Rock Foundry days. This is what she does when she’s procrastinating.

‘Twas the night before Expac and all through the guild
The raiders were studying their covenants and builds
Alts had been planned with forethought and care
To prepare for nerfs that might come to bear

Guidewriters writing revisions as they came
So swift and so frequent, in beta is the game?
They updated Wowhead and the Veins of Ice
“Yo Blizzard these changes they really aren’t nice”

And I at my desktop, with cats perched nearby
“Venthyr or Necro?” I mused with a sigh
Bags had been emptied, food had been stocked
All for the push to get Torghast unlocked

When what to my horror filled eyes did appear
Another covenant nerf! Ack! My plan for the tier!
But all will soon settle
Til then we will cope
Castle Nathria awaits,
It’s gonna be dope!