4/9M Sellswords Slays Some Sisters


Inri: great job s team! paving the way!

Zate: Grats on kill good work! But lore wise aren't the sisters just misunderstood are we really the good guys? Anyone ever feel like blizzard has us killing things we shouldn't be killing? Maybe in 3 xpacs they will come back to save us from the end of the world >.>

Gul’dan Fel – Sellswords 10/10M

It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride of a tier for Sellswords! Many thanks to the amazing Vondo (MVB-Most Valuable Bear) and his excellent raid leadership! Also shout out to the awesome team officers – Asacrusader, Ortholomus & Beardingtonn – and of course, the raiders who keep coming back and playing their hearts out. Deep gratitude to Zate and the rest of the guild for all the support. – xoxo Hante

hantevirus: Thanks so much! Worldofpunks made this video for us! Clearly a labor of love. I was super humbled by his efforts

Rentonie: That was a really good video. Much props to whoever edited the video.

Zate: Ahh love the video! Make sure you watch to the end everyone. For anyone that doesn't know the end shows the attempt right before the kill. Take a look at Illidan's health bar >.<

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