ascension team

[AS] Ascension

Team Lead
– Khaeli

Quick Information

  • Monday & Thursday 8-11PM Eastern Time
  • Goal: Relaxed but progression minded mythic raiding

Required Addons:

  • Angry Assignments
  • BigWigs/DBM
  • Greenwall
  • RCLootCouncil
  • WeakAuras 2

Team Vision

Ascension will be a home to raiders who want to enjoy a casual mythic raiding group that is fun, positive, and all-inclusive, and spends the time efficiently during the six hours of raiding per week, in order to progress into Mythic raiding content with raiders who are new to Mythic content alongside seasoned veterans.

Team Mission

Ascension will progress through mythic content at an enjoyable and fun pace by members committing to working together, being efficient, and smart with the time in order to create a positive atmosphere that is enjoyable for all.



We expect 85% attendance or better. As long as the leadership is made aware of the situation, we understand that real life happens. Any absences must be posted in the Ascension Discord channel. Not doing so as a trial could be grounds for immediate termination of your trial. Not doing so as a core raider could be grounds for removal from the group.

Raid Atmosphere

Ascension is a relaxed raiding environment focused on clearing as much content as possible in the short amount of time we have together. That being said, we require raiders to research fights, come to raid with enchanted and gemmed gear, and consumables appropriate for the content (flasks and appropriate potions and food). Progression content warrants top tier consumables, while lower tier food and potions may be used for easier farm content.

Players should be looking to continuously improve their play by using SimulationCraft when appropriate, theorycrafting with peers, and staying up to date with their class blogs and discord servers.

Raid time should maintain a professional demeanor with minimal use of profanity.


The communication between raid members and raid officers is critical to the success of our group. We want to hear all raiders’ constructive opinions through the correct channels. This needs to be done on the Ascension team forums, in Discord via Ascension chat or private messages to leadership, or in an in-game whisper to leadership.

Tactful and thoughtful communication will always lead to a positive outcome for the raid group as a whole, and we welcome this at all times. Negative, hypercritical, offensive or damaging communication is not welcome, and will only detract us from reaching the vision of our group.


Team leadership will come with a strategy and goals for the night. The goals and needs of the raid will always be placed above our own. Our communication will be positive and constructive with our raid group. We will work with Proudmoore and Kingdom Gaming’s larger community in order to continually improve Ascension and its standing within those communities.

A Word From Leadership

Our focus is not hardcore progression, but rather to make as much of the short raid time as possible. I don’t expect you to be a top-tier progression raider, but I do expect you to learn from your mistakes and be able to take constructive criticism, research your class, and watch videos on the bosses.

I want to offer every raider an enjoyable experience and a place to grow, as players and as a community.

Drama will not be tolerated. I highly encourage all affected parties to resolve drama in a professional manner that does not disrupt our raid environment. We expect any drama that could become a detriment to the team’s vision or mission to be reported to Leadership through private message or in-game whisper.

In all aspects, our team seeks to treat all raiders as fairly as possible. If you ever encounter a case where you think this is not happening then you need to inform leadership ASAP.

I look forward to meeting all of you and slaying some Bosses!


Ascension Team Lead