[Am] Ambition

Team Lead

Quick Information

  • Rated PvP – 6hrs/week
  • M/W 6pm – 9pm PST
  • Goal: Gladiator and Hero of the Alliance
  • Contact: Tracerz#11738

Our Goals: Achieve a professional no drama and nontoxic environment for a PvP oriented team pushing for Hero of the Alliance and Gladiator rankings. By joining this team you’re expected to stand by Eternal Kingdom values, no hate speech or explicit behavior, be professional. I’m looking to have this treated in the same regard as a Mythic raid team treats its members. Show up on time, take this seriously, I’m willing to grow as a group but experience is most definitely important. After all of that’s said and done I want this to be a fun group, to enjoy ourselves and progress as a team and accomplish our PvP goals.

Raider Expectation:

  • 920 ilvl
  • Maxed out Artifact
  • Previous PvP experience, preferable around 1800-2000 rating

Featured Streamer : Tracerz