A Beginner’s Guide to Raid Etiquette

About the author: Erynnchan plays a mage on Immortal. She has been playing WoW since 2010 and raiding since Firelands. Outside of raids she enjoys exploring all the nooks and crannies of Azeroth and collecting mounts, toys and pets. IRL Erynnchan enjoys science and fibrecrafts.

Whether you’re new to raiding or a seasoned veteran, basic raid etiquette is the same at all levels of progression. For newcomers especially, these unwritten rules of raiding can be a bit intimidating! Here are some quick tips for raiders to help you get the most out of your raid experience.

  1. Respect other people’s time. You are not the only person in a raid team, and when you are late to raid or afk outside of break times, you’re spending other people’s time as well as your own. Be inside the instance and ready to pull when your raid time starts. If you need to be absent, give your raid lead as much notice as possible.
  2. Be prepared. Have your food, flasks, runes, talent tomes, and whatever else you need with you when you enter the raid. Trading things around at the last minute is frustrating and frequently time consuming. Do research on the fight in advance. Have at least a rough idea of the boss mechanics and what you personally are going to do to deal with them.
  3. Acknowledge and learn from your mistakes, but don’t announce them. Making mistakes is an important part of raiding. There is no team out there that clears every single boss with no mistakes. However, announcing them out loud in discord usually doesn’t help and could potentially cover up an important call-out. Unless your raid lead specifically asks you how you died, keep quiet until the pull is over.
  4. Listen to the raid leader. A good raid leader has put far more time and energy into learning the fight than you did. Trust them to make the right call, and if you disagree, save it for after raid.
  5. If a wipe is called, die fast. There’s no sense in stretching it out. The sooner everyone is dead, the sooner the team can try again.

At the end of the day, all of these rules come down to respecting your fellow raiders. Remember that it’s a two way street! When you are considerate of the time and effort others put into the raid, they will be more considerate of you! Creating a good raiding atmosphere takes everyone’s participation. Good luck out there!

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