End of a Tier, Moving toward a Dream

With the ending of Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible, Chivalry closed the door on yet another successful tier making it our 5th AoTC run since the team was founded during Nyalotha. In our time, we have killed some mythic bosses along the way, simply just trying to improve from the tier before. Chiv got AoTC for Aberrus on 6/20/23 with subsequent mythic kills to follow. Chiv ended the tier at 9/9 Heroic and 3/9 Mythic.

At the end of every tier, the team does superlatives much time like you would find in your high school yearbook. Its a fun way for the team to reflect and poke a tad of fun at each other. We have some returning winners and some new faces! Each category winner will be given a special role in our team discord and bragging rights until Amidrassil is over and we do them again. Good luck to all the teams in your upcoming progression!

Best Dressed – Navdin

Most Likely To Die In A Fight – Geedemon

Most Likely To Stand In Fire – Decayblade

Melee MVP – Angorian

Ranged MVP – Thedoinks

Healer MVP – Malikorr

Tank MVP – Navdin and Reybewan

Most Likely To Accidently Pull – Tiktakto

Most Likely To Ne Runing Mythic Plus – Crunches

Overal Leadership MVP – Petdetective

Most Likely To Say Something Inappropriate – Daddymuffins

Most Likely To Cuss To Much – Petdetective

Team(Class Clown) – Decayedblade

Most Likely To Not Do Their Raid Buff Even When Its Called For – Aevom

Most Likely To Be Late To Raid – Malikorr

Rookie Of The Team – Aevom

Overall Team MVP – Duskfox

Most Likely To Be Out Of Gold – Bacontorize

Most Likely To Have The Most Gold – Petdetective

Chivlary – Thank you for another tier in the books. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your Team Lead. And most of all, thank you for being my friends and family inside this game. Here is to many more tiers playing this game with you guys!