Kismet gets AOTC Times 3! We might not have gotten it all at once, but we all got it (many Larion Cubs later)!

Larion Cubs for All!! So many Cubs, so little time to sneak them into your mail!

Some End of Tier Thank-You’s:

  • To Rysal our very excellent piper, without whom we would not know what we are doing!
  • To Mishka for all the time and effort he has put into this team and to the guild.
  • To Swipp for taking on the Ambassador Challenge, and to Gealsolas and Tifor for stepping into leadership.  Please don’t hate me later.
  • To Vozyx, Winnows, Odindardel, Beewhisper, Zellon, and many others for all of the material donations you have made to the team.
  • To Itzi, Toola, and Delseth for the extra pets to roll off during down time.
  • To Rehea for continuing to keep us fed and watered.
  • To Umbura/Virenna/Denirr/Taladin and whoever you may be in the future for continuing to run our achievement runs and filling in where needed.
  • And to ALL of the Kismet Team for your good humor and patience while we sorted things out and for all the musical suggestions for all of our kill shots (all posted on our EK webpage).  That was a lot of fun!!